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1.  brows ASEC English Commuity facebook group. you will get many advantages of english. grammar, vocabulary, speaking and the others about english.

2. follow these instructions (especially for English grammar)

Make your own gap-filling exercises from English texts.

Choose a short, interesting English text that is not too difficult (e.g. lyrics, text from your textbook, news, excerpt from a story/novel). Copy the text and delete some words in the copy, e.g.:

* prepositions
* adjectives
* verbs in a certain tense

Try to fill the gaps correctly and then take the original text to check your answers.

This sure is more fun when doing it with friends. Everyone prepares a short text and gives a copy to the others, who will try to fill the gaps correctly.

To make things a bit easier, you can provide the words in a different order or as a translation.

Practice makes perfect.

Okay so if any students or teachers have advice on how to study or take notes, put them here. Surprisingly enough most parents force their kids to study and take notes when their kids can’t even do them properly. As a result the kids get bad grades, get emotional, their parents get on their backs. You get it? So if you know any good techniques, do share.


Is kim bum sxy?  Is kim bum died?  Kim so eun’s age?  Who is kim bum f?  Is kim bum a player?  Is kim bum hava a son?  Kim so eun

lve kim bum?  Where does kim bum live?  Koo hye sun snd kim bum?  What are kim bum’s film?  Do kim bum has a fiance?  Is kim bum a fake smiler?  Does kim bum like anyone?  Does kim bum loves so eun?  Does kim bum haven’t a ym?  Who are the ex of kim bum?  Who is the wife of kim bum?  Who does kim bum beliveive in?  If kim bum have a girl friend?  Who is the girlfiend of kim bum?


interjections show strong emotion.
*wow !that’s a great idea
*oh ! What a bad with you

a noun is a word which names a person, place or thing
# there 4 types of nonuns
1.common nouns names a pearson, place, or thing :
* girl, city, food,
2.proper motor names a specific person, place, th…ing. :
* john, harvard, rice
3.compound nouns are two or more nouns that function as a single unit. They can link by a hyphen or combine become one. :
*individual words : time capsule
*hyphenated words : great-uncle
combined words : basketball
4.collective motor name groups of people or things :
*family, staff, audience, jury, police, etc.
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adverbs are words that describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs
*here are some of adverbs :
afterward, almost, already, also, back, even, still, usually, often, very etc
1. Use an adverb to describe a verb :
he speaks english FLUENTLY
2. Use an adverb to describe a adjective :
he runs VERY fast
3.use… an adverb to describe another adverb :
he runs TOO slow
addition :
there are some adjective added by -ly at the end of the word become ADVERB :
quick – quickly, careful – carefully, fluent – fluently etc Baca Selengkapnya

Parts of speech

Today grammar

English is very flexible language. A word can have meaning not only from how to they’re pronounced but also from their positions or functions in a sentence.
We can know the role of each word by knowing PARTS OF SPEECH
words in English consists of 7 parts
are words are describe nonuns and pronouns.
There’re 5 types of adjectives
1.common adjective : describe nonuns or pronouns
*a STRONG man
2.proper adjectives : are formed from proper nouns
*MEXICAN foods
3.compound adjective : are made up of more than one word
*FAR-OFF country
*TEENAGE person
4.article are special type of adjective.there are 3 articles :a,an,the
the is called definite articles
a and an are called indefinite article
5.indefinite adjective don’t specify the specific amount of something : all, each, more, several, another, etc


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